Yet another chapter in the yellow ribbon watch

I've been thinking, as loyal readers know, about the yellow ribbons. I think they are magnets. Is that right? And if so, does that mean that yellow ribbons are only for people with garages to put their cars in? Or do people count on the theory that, if you are the kind of person who would steal a stupid magnet, you are probably not the kind of person who would put a yellow ribbon on your car? (Or vice versa?)

OK, but this is distracting me from the real subject of this post, which is this: Am I wrong, or have all the yellow ribbons on all the cars, all at once, over the course of a few days, faded to white?

Either it's a great mutiny on the part of the ribbons themselves, or it's planned obsolescence. I suspect the latter. The marketing people say, we will hack up and package your emotions and sell them back to you, and we'll work in an expiration date so you have to come back to us again.


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