Amazon censors glbtq books

Amazon rank: Amazon sales rank has been stripped from books deemed too gay, even where not sexually explicit, as part of an "adult" policy to keep them out of bestseller lists. Yet hetero porn (the deathless Playboy: The Complete Centerfolds) survives.



Too much caffeine + seclusion + agitation + nuclear missiles = ?

This is not what I want to read about nuclear missile installations (whatever day it is):

According to wire reports, the remote facility temporarily moved to Defense Condition (Defcon) 3 in the pre-dawn hours, but quickly backed down from that posture. An airman at the installation who asked not to be identified blamed the mishap on "way too much caffeine" consumed by occupants inside the secluded underground control room. The airman said the facility's lead engineer became agitated and inconsolable after watching an Internet broadcast of Sunday night's hard-hitting 60 Minutes expose' on the Conficker worm entitled, "The Internet is Infected."

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