A few questions:

MUSEEM. Is pronouncing "museum" as if it has two syllables (as opposed to three) a regional [East Coast] thing, or a museum-world thing? (See, my blog really IS about art and not just politics.)

THE YELLOW RIBBONS. When did those yellow ribbons start appearing on cars? They're all over Maine, at least the area of Maine I was in (where there is a Navy base, and I think some national guard posts). I'd never seen them until I got there in late August, but I did see one on the way back from O'Hare last night. Needless to say, the politics of the yellow ribbon on a car are different from the politics of the flag on a car. My mom talked to one woman wearing a yellow ribbon who indicated (very shyly) that she was voting for Kerry. Maybe the work of Gaia and others will help galvanize that sentiment by showing that it can be OK to support the troops and support changing commanders-in-chief, too.

CAN WE STOP IT WITH THESE TIRED RACIST JOKES ABOUT TERRORISM? On the plane a white businessman was complaining about the search to which his luggage was subjected and his friend said, "Yeah, you look like a terrorist." Not that this should make a difference, but a South Asian young woman was sitting next to where he was standing. I wish I'd said, "Yeah, gosh, you do bear an uncanny resemblance to Tim McVeigh."


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