Duelling Sidewalk Stencils, Paris

This one translates as: "Re-live May 68 on Oldies 90.4"

This one responds to it. Half-erased, it translates as: 
"Where are the spaces for [free/creative/open] expression?  



where I am staying now

OK, I am not actually staying in the sky. I am at the University of Exeter for a conference on obscenity in the French Renaissance--talk about abstruse and overspecialized! But it should be fun....

This is a view that includes part of the courtyard of the hall where I'm staying and some of the countryside. Exeter is in "the heart of Devon." There are beautifully rolling hills, cows and sheep, and it's close enough to the water that there are seagulls flying around. 


Where I was just staying

Oxford, where I was doing some research involving geometry in medieval manuscripts (and found some other interesting stuff too). 

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