Anyone who's been reading this regularly may have noticed that my posts have lately gotten very short. For some reason, I seem to be having a fit of massive, generalized impatience.

Part of this, too, is that I actually have a lot of things to say about topics I feel a little uncomfortable being totally frank about here because of the not-quite-total-anonymity thing, and that I want to be doing more creative writing that needs to happen elsewhere.

I'll try to write something longer soon.

In the meantime, more minutiae: three new ribbons ('member this? no, I didn't think so) I saw today on cars. Green ribbons commemorated victims of "Tsunami" and "Cox-2 Inhibitors" (that's Vioxx et al. for those not in the know; I had to look it up).
And a red ribbon proclaimed the driver (I guess) to be "Bathed In The Blood Of Jesus." (New entry, "No comment division.")


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