Search word roundup

Well, I'm not going to list all the search words that brought people here, this time, but I have to mention a few. In addition to the usual warehouses of incest videos, Katrina looting, cooking eggs over easy, Jack Kingston, etc., someone recently got to my site by searching:

"roman de la rose" george-bush

Best explanation gets a prize.



a step up the food chain

I seem somehow to have crawled up a notch on the "The Truth Laid Bear" evolutionary scale. I am now (though perhaps only temporarily) a crawly amphibian. Why, I don't quite understand, since I seem to be posting less and less here. This term the teaching load is really kicking my ass--pardon my French. I won't say too much lest any of my students stumble across this blog. But I am definitely not left with much time to write.

Highlights of the week: Our trivia team won this week. (And I contributed several answers: "suet"--the type of hard fat from which tallow is made; "Hindi"--the language from which the British got the word for "punch"; "Boys Don't Cry"--the movie directed by Kimberly Pierce [sp?] in 1999. That's all I can remember.)

Yesterday Goatdog and I saw Serenity. (I saw it for the first time, he for the second.) I loved it. Wow. Science fiction with great politics and female characters who can do something.

Today I participated in a community sustainable design workshop which was great except that it hardly included any actual, flesh-and-blood community members (it was mostly artists and architects from other neighborhoods or other cities entirely; it was mostly white folks in a mostly black neighborhood--sigh--typical!). It was an exercise in utopia where we were given a chunk of neighborhood and told that resources were abundant so we should not limit our imaginations. We were told that we could both add things and eliminate things from the neighborhood. My choice for elimination? "Private property." (Actually, what I meant to say was that we should consider ourselves authorized to get rid of private homes if we wanted to. But I like the way it came out.) We created flexible spaces for children to play and put on performances, market and artist stalls available for community use, orchards and gardens, affordable housing based on the traditional shotgun house, biodiesel facilities, and arched stairways over the train tracks that connected up with a solar-powered "blobway" moving in a leisurely fashion back and forth over the train tracks. That was just for fun.

When I got home from that, since we're still swimming in CSA vegetables, I made beet salad, grilled eggplant, and sweet potato and spinach soup--mostly to keep for future use.

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