Woman in a Bathrobe

Hey, that's catchy, kinda like "Mirror in the Bathroom." Feel Tank has now had 2 of its 15 minutes of fame. Listen here.

In other news, two of my three readers know this already, but...I had good news about my tenure case yesterday. Maybe I can start blogging under my real name now. (Maybe not.) Yesterday it was 60 degrees in Boston in mid-December. On any other day, for me, that would be cause for alarm. Yesterday it was cause for ice cream.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled eco-anxiety.

Actually, here, let me add to your eco-anxiety. I recently happened to hear a very interesting presentation by a recent PhD in geochemistry. Apparently as the permafrost beneath arctic lakes melts, organic matter thaws and is made available to bacteria, which metabolize it into methane that then bubbles up into the air through the lakes. Methane is a global warming gas, which means this is a feedback loop. The more the permafrost thaws, the warmer the air becomes, which thaws the permafrost more, which...well, you get the picture...


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