Vote For Hillary. At Least She's Not A Serial Killer.

The heat has finally abated. And last night, I had a dream in which I showed up to do a minor errand at the home of a distant acquaintance and found that all my female friends were gathered there for some sort of event to which I hadn't been invited.

A few minutes later, we're all standing outside in a loose circle putting our shoes on, and someone says, "so, are we going to endorse this Hillary Clinton event?" and I nearly shouted "I am SO disappointed with Hillary Clinton" and everybody applauded. And I thought, wow, here's a group of women I respect who would rather not have a woman president than have Hillary.

It seems, well, so...like something that would happen in real life. Weird! I think in the same dream I was being pursued by a serial killer.

I never had much in the way of expectations of Hillary Clinton, so why would I be so disappointed?


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