pine tree state

So, I'm in Maine for a couple weeks. Luckily, given all the flight security kerfuffle, I made my flight this morning without too much trouble, no thanks to the guy in the airport shuttle who insisted on paying with a credit card and thus adding 10 minutes to our trip or to the woman in front of me in the security line who waited until she was standing in front of the screening area to realize that maybe she needed to rummage through all her bags for the things she needed to take out, like her laptop, all the while hoarding all of the remaining trays -- you know, the ones that go through the xray machine -- all empty in front of her so that I was stuck waiting. Then one of my bags didn't come in on my flight, but the one after it, so I might as well have missed my flight anyway. A colleague of mine and other random friends of his happened to be on the flight, and his bag was delayed too, so at least there were people to commiserate with who were in the same boat.
It's nice and cool here. We went to the Brunswick "Second Friday Art Walk" this evening and I was especially happy to see the new "Left of Center Artworks."
Next stop, family meeting on Sunday. No comment....


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