Bush Is A Lying Sack of Shit

Goatdog and I decided to give our President an appropriate welcome today as he visited the Museum of Science and Industry, Hyde Park, Chicago. I rounded up as many people as I could, which was one. But a few others heard the news and showed up:

Neighborhood folks greeting the Commander-in-Thief; I'm not in it because I'm taking the picture. But I would have been holding the "Bush Kills Kids" sign.

CPD, always effective at crowd control.

And, of course, the Secret Service, rifling through the bags of small children with American Girl dolls, but failing to check out the bags of any of the protesters.

While there we were serenaded by a small child with a violin, and joined by all the people who'd planned to go to the science museum today but couldn't because it was being occupied by the man whose administration does everything it possibly can to squelch any scientific findings that don't support its corporate and/or fundamentalist Christian masters. (See: Global Warming; Condoms/HIV; Morning After Pill; etc....)


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