BBC World Sucks

As an American MSM (mainstream media) hater, I had high hopes for BBC World, the CNN-inspired version of BBC television that we get here in Frogland. No such luck. While it's a respite from the incredibly fluffy French TV news (do they even have TV news? no, but they have philosophical débats) it is mostly just slapdash propaganda for capitalism. I'll throw up, honestly, if I have to hear one more time about how Airbus has produced the largest airplane in the world, some environmentalists have qualms, but really it's very energy efficient and isn't that grand. And in Pakistan they have breast cancer and those backward people, they don't talk about it, but now Cherie Blair is visiting and everything's going to be better. Then there was the story about how Taiwan doesn't want China to give them pandas, because gosh, there's some little political difference, and look--the Atlanta zoo can't afford their pandas because China charges such high fees for them so they might need to give them back too! And then there's how Leonardo was such a great genius and designed war machines that counterterrorism experts are now rebuilding and testing and lo, they work! What a great achievement for his time, though ours are better.

And now I remember why I don't watch TV. Or, anyway, I don't watch TV when I'm not alone in a foreign country...


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