Adventures in Babysitting

It's been over a month since I last posted here--in that time I have been to the east coast and the west coast and across the Atlantic. (I'm in Paris for the next month--still getting over jet lag--and then Italy for a few weeks thereafter.) Also during that time, Goatdog and I decided to stay in chilly Chicago after thinking long and hard about moving to warmer climes.

I'm not really "babysitting" for the next few weeks--I'm teaching one (intensive) class to college students. They probably know the city better than I do by now, since they've been here for six weeks. But with all the intensity of the experience, sometimes these study abroad programs feel like babysitting to faculty. But I don't have to handle any of the social events, logistical arrangements, or any of that. So it's totally optional to hang out with them in cafes talking art and politics. I do imagine that even in an afternoon class I may occasionally encounter some of the aftermath of kids turned loose on legal alcohol for (for some) the first time in their lives...

Before the class starts, though, I'll be heading to the local Festival of Resistance happening this week in the City of Lights...


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