Search Phrase Roundup And Rabbits In The City

Since I am uncreative once again today, I'm publishing a list of common search topics that bring people to my site. Precise wording sometimes varies, so I've put them in categories and listed below any category that brought more than 2 hits:

People Seeking The Site Overease: 67

People Looking For Information About The Controversy Over The Racist Labeling Of Hurricane Katrina Photographs (Finding vs. Looting): 17

People Wanting To Know More About Rabbits (Including The “Sexual Term The Rabbit”): 9

People Interested In Girls: 9

People Seeking The Site messybeast.com: 6

People Seeking Information On French Theorists: 6

People Looking For The Words To The Song “Free To Be You And Me”: 5

People Wanting To Know About The Phrase “Epater Les Bourgeois”: 5

People Needing To Write A Paper On Lewis Hine: 5

People Interested In Something To Do With Thailand: 4

People Seeking Incest Videos: 4

People Seeking A Synonym For “Renaissance”: 3

People Looking For Information About Jack Kingston: 3

People Interested In The Tate Stuckists: 3

People Who Want To Get Out Of The Army: 3

People Searching For Kimberly Pierce: 3

Random aside: Speaking of wanting to know more about rabbits, I saw a furry sister of mine hopping around yesterday near my building. It's nice to know that something other than squirrels can survive in the big city. In the time I've lived in Chicago, I've seen rabbits, numerous monk parakeets, a skunk, a black-capped night heron, a 'possum, and a raccoon. Not to mention rats and feral cats. Neat, huh?


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