Well, it's been a while

Let's see. What has happened since I last posted?

Goatdog got back his Super-8 footage, shot in Maine, and it looks fantastically archaic.

A man asked me for money on a Chicago street: "Help the home team first! I've been living a hurricane my whole life."

Apparently privileged young women at Ivy League schools are planning not to work (ever again, apparently) after they have all their privileged children. Good thing they've got that husband thing worked out! The Husband 2.0 model always makes more than enough money to support a family, without working such long hours that you forget what he looks like. And he won't ever tell you all decisions are his because he makes the money. He also doesn't have affairs any more, nor is he ever abusive. He doesn't turn out to be gay, or have mid-life crises. He never goes to Iraq. (Oh wait: we're talking about the privileged.) He doesn't become permanently disabled, or die. It's a pretty good deal.

Also, apparently, young men think it's "sexy" for women to want to make this choice. Yes, women at home with small kids do nothing but wait around sexily for their husbands to come home and jump their bones.

Meanwhile, a certain university recently announced the hiring of 12 distinguished scholars (by which they mean people hired with tenure), all men.

Classes haven't started yet. That happens Monday.


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