We used to call it false consciousness

Blogger wants me to learn about how to "mobile blog." I guess that means using my mobile handheld device. Which would be my cell phone. Are we going to reach a state in which every action must immediately be logged on one's blog, no event or experience without its corresponding commentary? (Even if calls coming through the White House switchboard still don't get logged.)

In other news, researchers have done a study to show that people who work at stigmatized jobs ("dirty work" like embalming, bull semen collecting, and septic tank cleaning) find ways to cope with the work they do. Well, what else are they going to do? They need a study to tell us this?

Strangely, news of the study, recently featured prominently on the website of ASU (the institutional home of one of the researchers) has now been thoroughly wiped from the website. Not only is it not on the front page any more, but you can't find it through a search of the site. Or you can, but it just links you back to the front page, which doesn't have it.



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