rustic plastic, or, back to technotopia...

Back to the land of the technologically living, by which I mean my computer came back, and cafes in Maine have fast wireless these days. The computer is bright and shiny new--came back with a new bottom casing and display housing (the back of the display, on which I had put my NARAL sticker) and new keyboard as well as new optical drive. I am for the time being going to assume that the customer service rep I spoke with on the phone, who said there was no charge for the repair (but that if it hadn't been covered it would have been $629), is correct. And that the packing slip, which says the repair is not covered, is not correct.

Also, I lost my wallet, but found it again. It would help if certain businesses would answer their phones after finding lost wallets, so that I could be spared certain nights of worry. But all's well that ends well, at least for the time being...


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