capitalist dissolution of traditional community: not all bad?

When I used to live in a certain neighborhood of the city, I was delighted to find that there was a bakery nearby. I went there one day, and the selection was thin, the employees were speaking Polish with each other, and they wouldn't talk to me. As far as I could tell, and maybe I was wrong, it was because I didn't speak Polish. I didn't go back.

Now, this neighborhood (not where I live anymore) has gentrified, and the Polish bakery sells a wider and more diverse selection of treats, is staffed by hip youngsters and has a comfy free wifi lounge where I am now typing this entry. I have been here twice in one week since rediscovering it. I think it's the closest free wifi cafe in the city to where I live -- that is, a one-hour ride on public transportation. For these cupcakes I am happy to make it. I have to say I prefer the new version. I'm not sure I feel guilty about it, either.


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