Breakthrough in diplomacy

In the continuing saga of cat politics, Mini has for some time been making overtures toward Birdie, which, until today, had not been reciprocated. Mini's overtures at first consisted of head-butting, which in her language means "please groom me." (Because Slim first knew Mini when Mini was still a kitten, and despite Slim's aggressive tendencies, Slim is often inclined to respond appropriately. So are humans.) Lately, though, Mini has actually begun grooming Birdie, with some encouragement from us. Today there was a major breakthrough: Birdie, who in her whole long life has never been known to groom other cats, groomed Mini! (I say "groom," because a certain person, for some reason, does not like me to say "lick.") They also cuddled together. It was very satisfying for the hominids of the household. I hope it was as satisfying for the felines.


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