Youth culture research reveals novel use of punctuation

Talk about a "dog bites man" headline!

But...having just spent some quality time reviewing the Chicago Manual of Style policies on apostrophes and possessives (it turns out that consistent use of a lone apostrophe after a final "s" to denote a possessive is, while not preferred, grudgingly allowed), I was interested to see the lone apostrophe being used to conjugate a verb ending in "s."

The verb in question is "dis" (as in disrespect). Thus, this headline from teenmusic.com, "Grohl Hits Out At Backing Tape Bands: Dave dis' Linkin Park and Mötley Crüe."

I think the correct verb form is "disses." But that might just be me.

Whether the Foo Fighters and Mötley Crüe belong on a teen music site is another story. Linkin Park, maybe. (Did you know, by the way, that the reason Linkin Park is spelled that way is that the domain name lincolnpark.com was too expensive?)


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