Speaking of anti-choice

From the Save The Court rally I went to yesterday in downtown Chicago, I now have a NARAL sticker on my laptop that says "It's Your Choice...Not Theirs." I have to say it makes me wonder about the choice of "choice" as the political keyword for abortion rights (however many decades ago this decision was made). I know people have talked about this before, but I sort of pooh-poohed it. But "It's Your Choice" sounds so, well, consumerish to me. It seems like one of the things the more moderate antis object to is the idea that choosing not to bring a fetus to term is a decision that's given no more thought than what type of toothpaste to buy. Well, and everything about our culture tells us that the type of toothpaste we decide to buy is a deeply personal choice that's thoroughly intertwined with our individual identity as humans. And isn't there something twisted about THAT?

Well, so what are the other options? Why haven't "liberty" or "autonomy" gotten any traction?


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