The Recently Discovered Religious Artwork Scandals

Art historians of my acquaintance recently received a request from a company called Silver Sword International for an expert to be interviewed in an upcoming documentary. Silver Sword International, it turns out, bills itself as "Merging Media with Morality." Looks to me like porno for the Christian right:

The satanic and sexual imagery that is being distributed by trusted organizations has caused the demand for expert analysis and education on the subject, which has affected a vast multitude of churches and millions of people.

The shocking images and deceptive techniques which were primarily aimed at children will be clearly identified, and include the investigations utilized to uncover the scandals, resulting in a must-see feature documentary.

Isn't it interesting how those who claim to be the guardians of traditional morality are always the ones most deeply entranced by the salacious.

P.S. This is as specific as they get. I suppose they don't want to reveal their shocking secrets. However, the website is vague enough that I wouldn't be sure a film was actually being produced at all, if phone contact had not been reported.


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