OK, I admit it

OK, yes, I admit it: I Have Not Been Blogging Much Lately. It's been the end of term and all that, but that didn't actually make for a huge amount of work for me, this time around, thankfully. It has meant a lot of end-of-year social activities, and that's taken up some time. I think I've been digesting two things: one, some stuff at work that's been so unspeakably bad that I couldn't write about it even if I wanted to (the worst of which is over, the rest of which is simply on hold until the fall); and two, a teaching experience, that is, a class, that was incredibly intense, and tough and complicated in various ways. I've been wanting to write about that, but haven't been sure yet what to say; it's required some processing (and some distance).

I've also been trying to put some of my creative energies into my "own work," i.e. research and writing, which in its own weird way doesn't leave as much energy for blogging, following politics, reading other people's blogs, etc., as I seem to have while I'm teaching. Blogging has been for me an outlet for channeling those energies when there was no extended time available to do the kind of thinking I'd need to work on my research projects. So, I've been getting a start on some of those things. Will report back on this...


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