travails of the organic coffee addict

None of the stores in my neighborhood that stock Equal Exchange coffee have any left--any, that is, that's not flavored "sickly peach" or some such nonsense--and/or decaf. Me, I only drink the hard stuff. Dark roast. Caffeinated. First I had to settle for a medium roast, then light, then they expect me to buy decaf fruit flavors? Is there a distribution problem, or have two unrelated businesses (2 of the local markets are under the same ownership, but not, or so I thought, the third) simultaneously decided just to stop stocking it?

So, I thought of ordering it online. But then I remembered. Equal Exchange is not even my favorite bird-friendly, shade-grown, fairly-traded organic coffee. That would be Jim's, which I first encountered as a member of the Mariposa Food Coop--an age ago....


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