Spring ahead

So, I finally got the final word on the last fellowship I still hadn't been rejected by for next year. I was rejected. No leave for me. I am exhausted. I don't know how I'll get through next year.

Today I had a great time with a conference that was organized around the exhibition I co-curated. We had a fantastic slate of speakers who were ALL GOOD. Some were more exciting than others, but all had interesting things to say, nobody ran significantly over, and everybody contributed to the discussion.

But I'm afraid the conference didn't give a very good impression of our department to my prospective graduate student who was visiting. One of my colleagues from another department said to me, "But where are the faculty?" It was true; none of them came. Actually, that's not quite true. One came to the keynote address yesterday. Only one, though, and none of them came to anything else.

Sigh. Sometimes I just feel like I might as well quit right now.


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