So, it doesn't always work

I tried to post this yesterday:

I'm at an internet station in Heathrow, on my way back
(sadly) to Chicago. It was a great whirlwind 5 days in
England. This morning I got to the British Museum. Last night
we saw a contender for the Worst Movie Ever: "Nine Songs,"
directed by Michael Winterbottom. I will leave it to Goatdog
to describe its awfulness in his review, unless I just can't
bear it any more and have to write something about it...

I'm not there any more, obviously (or maybe not so obviously). I'm home, feeling a little woozy after a long day (got up unwillingly at 4:53 or something, so I'm now stretching the day out as much as I can in order to get back on a normal schedule).

I have decided the pain I thought was temporomandibular joint pain is in fact a very worrisome toothache. I wish I'd clued in to this before. I guess I thought when I had a massage and the pain went away that the pain must be caused by stress. Then the pain came back when the winter quarter started, and I thought, Oh, OK, the stress is back, so the TMJ is back. It took being in the land of very bad dentistry to make me figure it out that the pain was actually located right around the roots of one of my molars that has a filling. Today I didn't manage to call the dentist. So first thing on the agenda for tomorrow...


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