More assaults on artistic and intellectual freedom, hurrah!

The exhibition "Axis of Evil"--the one that inspired the film that Goatdog (whose blog does not seem to be working at the moment, or I would link to the relevant entry) recently worked on--came to Chicago, and secret service agents attended the opening at Columbia College and questioned artists and organizers.

The nice thing about the media coverage is that thousands (at least) of people who would never have known about it get to see the stamp with George Bush with a gun to his head. I wonder if the Secret Service is going to investigate every web site that puts it up? The agents said, "We need to ensure, as best we can, that this is nothing more than artwork with a political statement." What else, pray tell, could it be? A bunch of conspirators so stupid that they publicly proclaim their intent to assassinate the President?

Buy Axis of Evil, the film, here.


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