Maybe St. Augustine took it

(Just a bit of a medievalist joke.) Since our trip to the UK, Goatdog and I have been talking over the notion, held by both of us but unsubstantiated by either of us, that US gas prices are still artificially low despite the fact that they sure seem high to us. I did a search on google answers for "how does the u. s. government control the price of oil?" -- for existing questions (those other people have asked and answered) so as not to have to pay. Sorted by relevance, the first one to pop up was "Identifying fruit stolen from my orchard." But I especially enjoyed, further down in the top ten,

How to get out of the Army?


why vote for Bush?


the media and the atrocities of our military actions


"Donald Rumsfeld 8:00 AM Breakfast Meeting, September 11, 2001"


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