Does this thing work?

I just tried to use the 'email-to-blog' function, thinking it would save me a bit of time on this really lousy keyboard in an internet cafe. No luck, unless it's stuck in the ether. Anyway, I'm writing from lovely Cambridge, and what I said in the message that hasn't come through yet, but still might (so I repeat myself) is that I can't believe Mark Twain was talking about New and not Olde England when he said 'if you don't like the weather, wait a minute'! I know this is a cliche about English weather, but it's true; it's been alternately beautiful and overcast the whole time I've been here. But, actually, mostly beautiful, and well above the forecast hight temperatures of 45F. My part of the conference is done, which also means my last real public obligation of the academic year apart from teaching (and a few low-key meetings), so now I can play!


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