Annals of wingerdom no. 356441

A friend just sent me a website -- I will not link to it -- that is advocating the political murder of various leftist activists, professors, bookstore owners, and their mothers. The phrase "domestic terrorists" keeps being used to describe said activists. And yet, the site seems pretty conscious of the fact that it is in fact itself advocating terrorism against them. It keeps highlighting two definitions:

Freedom - The right of the individual to exist, live, and prosper for his own sake...

Terrorism - Violence committed by an individual or group in order to imtimidate or harm...

Leaving aside the misspelling, this is a pretty vanilla definition of terrorism, isn't it? The kind of definition a self-avowed terrorist might use. And I suppose it is naive of me to think that pointing out the contradiction is worth my time, but, aw, hell. The basic premise is that if someone is a terrorist, it is proper to commit terrorism against them. Sic transit gloria mundi.

But anyway, the real question is: how much longer can any thinking person stand to live in this psychotic country?


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