Alexander Pope lives

Nothing so true as what you once let fall,
"Most Women have no Characters at all."
Matter too soft a lasting mark to bear,
And best distinguish'd by black, brown, or fair.

Apparently I am not very memorable. For some reason, people constantly call me by the wrong name. They call me by another Jewish-sounding name that starts with the same letter. This happens often with colleagues who should know better. It has nothing to do with anyone around who actually has that name (there isn't anyone, as far as I know, with whom they could be confusing me). Today someone who has known me for 10 years, an older female administrator, did this. Do I make so little impression on people that I seem perfectly exchangeable with some other woman with a different name?

Someone, please tell me this happens to men too, so I don't assume it is a particularly gendered phenomenon.


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