Einkaufen Macht Frei

Speaking of secondary issues (in re: this on women in the Middle East)...

It used to be city air that made you free. Now it's a shopping bag with a New York address. Look! Woman in burka with Saks bag. She must be free now. In fact -- we have freed her! She doesn't hate our freedom! Especially since she gets to enjoy watching scantily clad Western concentration camp victims* -- I mean models -- I mean tourists -- frolicking in her country. They love us models in her country. Oh wait, it's HER country that's the victim of OUR occupation and torture camps? What country? Never mind. One of those Arab places. It's so exotic. Buy some clothes.

*Yeah, I'll admit, I haven't quite worked out the right tone here. Don't mean to trivialize the Holocaust. But see, I don't think I can avoid the reference, since somewhere in between "Stadtluft" and "Einkaufen" there was "Arbeit." And hell, the models do look pretty darn starved...


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