Are my "friends" really this desperate/shallow?

The following are the top ten searches in my "friendster" network.

1. free tarot readings
2. wet hunks
3. tips on flirting
4. height and weight calculator
5. zodiac love match
6. korean singles
7. Manolo Blahnik
8. jewish single
9. how to win an ex back
10. custom sweatshirts

Um, so how many people I know (or people who know people I know) are actually doing the search "wet hunks"? Are these really the ten most frequent searches, or are they just the ten most recent? Is this even for real? Or is this just a marketing strategy generated by friendster?

P.S. OK, maybe the latter, and I guess it's not a ranked order. It says "popular searches," not "ten most popular." I reloaded, and the following list popped up:
1. free mp3 songs
2. polyphonic ringtone
3. zodiac love match
4. motorola razr
5. body language flirting
6. love spells
7. nokia 6230
8. adidas shoes
9. gifts for women
10. louis vuitton bags


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