Speaking of the invisibility of female political bloggers:

Let it be noted that, for just a day or two, I had a moment in the sun, or at least a moment in the upper reaches of the ocean. Yes, I was a flippery fish in the TTLB Ecosystem. (For those not in the know, this is a system that ranks blogs according to numbers of web links to them, and numbers of visits. The link appears below my archived posts, to the left.)

I'm back to being a slimy mollusc. But I think I can credit my 15 minutes of blogosphere vertebratehood to Large Mammal BitchPhd, whose post on Larry Summers's remarks was picked up by some high ranking blogs, which increased her ranking, which, because she is kind enough to blogroll me (i.e. link to me), increased my ranking.

Sigh. It was nice to be a fish.


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