Well, it's one of those lazy winter days. I have a lot of work to do that I'm not doing. I slept late, had brunch, took a nap, and have been messing around on email for a while now. I need to write some letters of recommendation, send off some checks, write up a syllabus for my spring class, and do a chunk of work for a collection of essays I'm co-editing that I'm behind on.

I'm tired, and I really need to get a leave next year! The chair of my department told me it was probably not a good idea to apply for the university's own fellowship for next year, because it would look, in the year of my renewal review, like I was too focused on my own research and not enough on teaching. Jeez. I'm effectively teaching an extra class this quarter (a group reading course) so that IF I'm on leave next year (since I've applied for other things) my students won't be left high and dry. I do a mountain of advising. I am supposed to have a second book for tenure, and I don't know where I'm gonna pull it out from, since I haven't had any time off from teaching, other than summers (when I usually had to move, and in one case teach), in the six years since I finished my dissertation. One of my male colleagues, recently tenured, had literally three out of six of the years after his PhD off. Which makes me wonder if what I really need is an outside offer (which is how he got early tenure). OK, that decides it: I'm going to apply to that job I've been thinking about...


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