So, recent changes in my procrastinatory habits seems to indicate successive upticks in my stress level. For a while I was using free time to do creative writing on polyanimus. Then I blew off steam by writing angry letters to Harvard presidents and so on. Then my time allocated for time-wasting (TAFT-W?) turned to agonizing about a serious error of judgment I made in dealing with a graduate student in my department (involving talking about confidential information), and I stopped blogging altogether. I think it's time to do a little stress management. It might also help the really really nasty canker sore I have that's not responding to peroxide and is creating a vicious circle: I get a canker sore from stress and then can't eat, which stresses me out more. So: miso soup (soothing for the canker sore), yoga, nutritional supplements, tea, more sleep. And -- supremely relaxing -- Werner Herzog documentaries at Mess Hall tonight.


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