Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work

This is what the White House staff spends their time doing. Can you believe they put this up on a public site?

Now, granted, they're making fun of their colleagues' delusions of grandeur, which certainly deserve to be made fun of. But isn't it a bit infantile? The problem seems not to be that of wasting the public's money, but rather that of lacking social skills -- or lacking sufficient slavish obeisance to Der Fuhrer. (You're not, it turns out, supposed to say you're "the assistant undersecretary of X," but rather "President Bush's assistant undersecretary of X.")

Doesn't it have a little of the character of that "let's look for WMDs under the table -- I know they must be here somewhere" or "some people call you fat cats -- I call you my base" kind of humor?


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