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For some reason, I constantly get spam from the "Christian Underground" and the "Traditional Values Coalition." Today I got a message from CU informing me that Dickinson College supports the teaching of terrorism to students. It turns out the college sponsored a contest for lesson plans at various levels to teach students about 9/11, and one of the winning entries encouraged students to think about "the broader context of global injustice."


Fortunately, there's a diversity of views in the evangelical nutjob community. Here's a response on CU's forum from someone who believes that 9/11 was not such a bad thing after all:

I am a public school teacher....(with a diverse background including 20 years as a former youth pastor).

Let's just say IF scriptures have an end time scenario, and IF we could possibly be part of that end time generation...then we know it would require a global community eventually that would be receptive for the time of the spirit of antiChrist.

We know that the world will one day come against Israel IF the book of Revelation were to be considered true. We can imagine that educational reforms, curriculums, environments would necessarily evolve to be in essence factories for turning out refined prepared global citizenry.

We are Israel's only true ally and friend at this time. IF the world is to come against Israel in the end time scenario we could logically presume it would first have to come against Israel's powerful friends. I think we need to think hard and long if being a friend of Israel is actually an injustice.

If our only aim is to do what is necessary to be at peace with the world, a world that is at enmity with Israel...then we may well be cooperating with (and perhaps can't avoid) becoming enemies of God as we evolve into that global spirit of antiChrist- a setting necessary to receive its false Christ.

We have evidently forgotten the Six Day war...that Palestinians are displaced due to their spoiled plan to oust and destroy Israel, but more importantly as a nation that had been at one time tuned into God, we've forgotten or no longer believe the events God plans to bring about. Any curriculum that is to do actual justice should also include as another reason why the Arab world might be mad at us these Biblical spiritual insights as well. Conveniently, however...our secular pluralism will not allow a Christian/Judaeo perspective where deeper understanding might be had.

Now...IF there were a diabolical hell contrived plan to bring about a global union of nations to prepare a way for the antiChrist, how convenient might that not be!

I think we've come to be too concerned about survival at any cost, and that fear as a spirit now reigns the day that we are unable any more to see clearly.


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