To work

Well, I am oscillating among feeling like all the wind has been knocked out of me never to return, feeling depressed, and feeling not so depressed after all. Two things made me optimistic in a regardless-of-the-outcome kind of way in the last couple of months: 1) the anti-RNC, anti-war march in New York (unlike most people I know, I left feeling good about the mobilization of numbers and creative energies) and 2) canvassing in Milwaukee, which, although it was really depressing on one level, made me see how much it just might be possible to do with that kind of work, if we only try.

Other things: 3) The anti-Bush side DID mobilize many millions of people (55 million? what's the count now? this is a sitting "war" president, remember) 4) Their side only wins by suppressing the vote 5) Kerry's message was deeply problematic; there are reasons why it didn't appeal to more people.

There's a ton of work to do now. Not least of which is not letting the spin on Kerry be that he was too far to the left. We'd better start getting to work.


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