The Real Problem Is There Aren't Enough Black Republicans

I am working on a long post -- honest I am -- about the widening gap between rich and poor in America, what the neoconservatives really want, and what their strategy has been. Really! It will be, uh, a major policy address.

Until then, via Pinko Feminist Hellcat, try this on for size. I find myself sickened but strangely fascinated. It's the website of an organization devoted to convincing another 11% of African Americans to vote "Reaganite Republican." (That would be, Hollywood Hypocrite Republican, as opposed to Racist Southern Confederate Good-Ol'-Boy Fuck The Government And All Its Welfare Queens Republican?)

Strangely, the board has almost no African Americans, and until recently, apparently, the site displayed only the pictures of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.

Even more strange, though, is the link to what used to be (before those silly intellectual property quibbles?) a site for viewing images from Without Sanctuary, a book on lynching photography.

Now, there are all kinds of good reasons why people look at pictures of lynchings. Scholarly reasons, historical reasons. Still. Is it the putative 11% of African Americans who are to be enticed to join the Republican party who the creators of the AARLC website thought would be interested in viewing these images? Or is it, perhaps, actually the Nazi collaborator cronies on the advisory board?


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