Academic Politics

What was that Kissinger quote about the politics being worse because the stakes are so low?

So I am on this technology committee because of my "expertise," but the only two times that have been proposed for a meeting are during the one class I'm teaching this term. (Actually, another time was set but it was cancelled by the chair.)

When I was asked again if I could meet at a time that's during my class and I instead suggested a list of other possibilities, I was told "This is getting ludicrous" (implication, I assume, that I am being ludicrous) and the meeting was scheduled to take place without me. I have no idea what the two other committee members' time constraints are, because they haven't been discussed with me -- only with each other.

So I just spent half an hour crying. I'm being oversensitive, right?

But honestly, what's the protocol, any academics reading this? Did I miss assistant professor class the day they taught us that if you are the junior member of a committee you are supposed to move your class for a meeting?


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