Listening to NPR yesterday I thought, it's all over. They were talking about the NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) for Iraq and how hopeless the situation is over there, and how rosy a picture Bush is painting in his stump speeches, and I thought, people aren't necessarily deluded about that, they know he's not telling the truth and they will still vote for him. Because the worse the situation there gets, the less likely they are to want someone like Kerry who has not presented a strong position. Am I deluded in thinking he should have staked out a strong anti-war position? I've never viscerally understood the notion that you shouldn't change horses in midstream, but I felt like I suddenly did (not that I agree with it, of course). It would be one thing if Kerry were going to bring the troops home. But if you were a swing voter, would you want the troops to be led by someone who doesn't seem entirely sure whether or not we should be over there?

Can someone make me optimistic again?


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