Fine specimens

Last night Mike and I went to see John Sayles's new movie, Silver City. I managed to tune out the people sitting next to us, but apparently they were talking through the film. When they arrived, I wondered honestly if the woman was a call girl, based on a comparison of her apparel and her boyfriend's. There was gold lamé, cleavage, dyed hair, etc. involved, on the one hand, and schlumpy khakis or something on the other. In any case, she was very drunk, or high, or both. She tried to climb over the railing to get into her seat ("She's very forward," her boyfriend said indulgently), made all kinds of high-pitched exclamations, and then went in and out of the theater about four times before and during the movie.

And as soon as the movie was over, the boyfriend revealed his political stripes by proclaiming loudly that this was "Hollywood liberal crap" that said "all corporations are bad" and that the director "is a Communist." I'm not sure how they ended up watching that movie. But then, I guess the instruction provided at the Barbara and Jenna Bush School of Traditional Republican Values is not all that great on cultural literacy...


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